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You have a phenomenal story to tell. Don’t you? Whether you’re unsure of it, or don’t know how to tell is, or just need help telling it better, Off The Grid is for you. Step ahead of the curve and write a vast majority of your college essays in the summer before the final year starts. Come make friends with others who are on a similar journey as you.

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Neeraj Mandhana's Essay Camp
What The Essay Camp Is All About

You’re almost there! In the next few months, you’re about to submit your final college applications. Its time to do what you’ve been working on all this while. An average student makes between 12-15 applications, this translates into somewhere between 30-70 essays (depending on where you’re applying). With multiple versions, its easy to understand that the real number goes into the 100s. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who applied last year.  


Yes, Its True. A Good essay can get you in! 

But wait, what exactly constitutes "a good essay"?

You wish someone would just tell you! 


Come join us for a 12-day Essay Camp and write awe-inspiring narratives. Learn to avoid rookie mistakes that almost all students make and eliminate them from your writing. Essays requires you to go within, reflect deeply and honestly on who you are as an individual. Colleges are trying to get a sense for your voice, your story and your journey through these narrative components. They are trying to understand the non-numerical side of you – your personality, attitude, grit, goals, background, values and passions.  We will help you reflect, research, write and review the various pieces for your college application.  
Benefit from reading essays from past students.  Learn how admission officers view view essays in the context of the application. And most importantly, benefit from the company of your fantastic peers, as we engage on this exercise in a group-oriented manner.


As someone who cares deeply about education and career guidance, I have been actively mentoring both individual students and educational institutions since 2010. Students seek me for my resourceful insights into college admissions and career planning. High schools seek me to structure their counseling departments and college admission officers seek my insights into the education landscape in India. In 2014, my family established The Next Genius Foundation, a charitable trust that offers full undergraduate scholarships at select US colleges to bright Grade 12 students from India. In 2017, this fund will award college scholarships worth $ 6 million.
Every year, I attend several educational conferences around the world and visit college campuses abroad to keep up to date with the latest trends. I was the first counselor from India to attend the prestigious Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. I am also a proud alumnus of UCLA and the University of Cambridge.


Off The Grid provides students with the information, structure, environment, support, and resources to help them write an unforgettable college essay. Using a proprietary and time-tested method developed by Neeraj Mandhana, students are mentored in discovering what they want to highlight about themselves, idea generation, design their stories and write them with artistic beauty. Constant feedback and an enjoyable setting are two key hallmarks of our camp. There is only one thing we won't do, write essays for you!



Benefit from continuous feedback from Neeraj Mandhana, our mentors and your peers. The camp is designed around the philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’. All students will work in groups of 4:1 student-mentor ratio.



We extensively use various writing and language tools in order to aid the writing process. Various tools have been developed in-house for process writing method.



Benefit from reading ‘essays that worked’ from past students. Meet admission officers and past students in person to learn firsthand from them about the admissions game.

Krish Mehta,
Dhirubhai Ambani International School

The essay writing camp was very
interesting. Neeraj sir made it such that every day we would focus on a different type of essay, which helped me tackle each essay individually. The structure of the camp, with an introduction to the essay in the beginning, then writing a draft immediately helped me channel my
thoughts well. Feedback from the very experienced mentors and other students and time to relax after the first draft helped me better think of the changes I should make to my essays, which helped me write them in the evening.
A start to the essay writing process
before everyone helped me make my IB semester 3 also easier as I was a lot less stressed. I am glad I got this opportunity to go for this camp.


Drumee Shah,
Jamnabai Narsee International School

Camp was the perfect start to one of
the most integral parts of the application: the essays. In 10 days I not only learnt about what was expected from different kinds of essays but was also able to finish most of my work in the summer itself. The essay camp truly made my
college application journey easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Romil Agarwal,
Ecole Mondiale World School

The Essay Camp helped me to finish off common essays early on. A significant portion of my essays were written in June itself, and because of that, when the time
to apply came, most of my work was
already done. It is useful because, in the months of October and November, writing essays along with schoolwork can get overwhelming, and reduce the quality of the essay. I had a lot of fun and made many new friends on the trip. I was the only one from my school and didn’t know anyone before the camp, but even then I managed to make friends and have a fun time. Along with essay writing, it also felt like a retreat, and a much-needed break from the busy IB life. The camp also helped me to get a better understanding of what university life is like because I got to spend 10 days with university
students who were guiding us as
mentors. I thought the essay camp was a crucial step towards becoming college ready.



Find here fifty one essays from Indian students that got into Ivy League, Ivy Plus and Oxbridge Universities. Essays that made the candidates stand apart from the crowd and catch the attention of the admission officers.

From writing about personal failures, to chronicling high points. From detailing unique talents to scribing about personal passions. From projecting career visions to discussing why NYU. This book has it all to get your juices flowing about how to start, structure and execute your college essays.